Executive Branch Initiatives

What is the Executive Branch working on?

Shared Micromobility Program

ASOSU and Transportation Services are collaborating on a Shared Micromobility Pilot Project. The goal is to advance the OSU Sustainable Transportation Strategy through shared bikes and scooters.

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Washington DC Lobbying Trip

Unlock the door to influence! The ASOSU Washington DC lobbying trip is your opportunity to meet with Oregon legislators and lobby for student interests. Be the voice that shapes educational policies, gaining hands-on experience and making a real impact on OSU's collective future. Learn more on how to apply and other details by clicking the button below!

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Disabled Student Lounge

The DSL is a space dedicated to supporting students with disabilities of all kinds. Its purpose is to promote a community of comfort, accessibility, and acceptance, while also providing resources for students. Although catered to our disabled student community, this space is open to everyone! 

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International Student Lounge

The International Student Lounge (ISL) serves as a comforting hub for students from around the globe. Tailored to meet the diverse needs of international students, the ISL fosters a sense of belonging and community. This space is open to everyone!

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Inclusive Restrooms

ASOSU is committed to creating inclusive infrastructure on campus. Restroom efforts include working with OSU architects to update construction codes and building standards, organizing restroom tours with the Corvallis public school district, improving existing spaces, surveying student opinion, educating faculty via workshops, and launching new restrooms such as those in the PRAX. The document below details the various stories, voices, and experiences in regards to the campus restrooms today, examining the Valley Library as a case study subject.

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